NWS 963-4-75 Folding Four-Piece Cable Knife

NWS 963-4-75 Folding Four-Piece Cable Knife - KC Tool
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NWS 963-4-75 cable knife

Blade with round scraper
Four piece cable knife: 2 blades, scraper, screwdriver
With wooden handle

OAL: 175 mm
Cutting edge length: 75 mm
Handle length: 100 mm
Weight: 95 g

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175-199mm (7.0-7.9 inches)
Individual Tools
Country of Origin:
Made in Germany
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    Posted on May 16th 2020

    Upon delivery the knife had two stiff blades, one especially bad (the smaller cable blade with dual cut-outs) and also some sharp points on the spring and back of the tang. I worked the blades back and forth for a couple of days and cleaned out the metal filings that built up, it eventually became easier to open. I then filed the sharp areas down and now it's a knife that is my EDC and I find it useful. I like the scraper/ spike and the shorter blade, It is super sharp! If I lacked patience this would have received one star.

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    NWS Four Piece Cable Knife

    Posted on May 2nd 2020

    I have shopped at KCT for several years and have never posted a negative review because the quality has never been in question. This knife is horrible though. Very stiff to operate. I cannot return because I thought I could remedy with some lubrication and I actually engraved it with my name The lubrication did not help much though. Very surprising from NWS who is usually top notch.