Hazet 197-3 Magnetic cup 150 mm diameter

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Hazet 197-3 Magnetic cup 150 mm diameter
Holds small parts such as screws etc.
Magnetic foot allows fixation to tool trolleys, workshop panels, car lifts etc.
Diameter: 150 mm
Net weight: 0.38 kg

HAZET Warranty
All HAZET products are manufactured in sophisticated, highly specialized factories from the finest materials available, to the highest possible quality standards and are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship.

KC Tool at its discretion will repair or replace HAZET tools with proper proof of purchase that meet the warranty guidelines.

Hazet Warranty Exclusions:
  • Bits
  • Adapters
  • Parts designed to wear (e.g. ratchet internals)
  • Tools with a deformed shape from load abuse or alteration
  • Tools showing signs of "hammering" damage
  • Excessive wear and tear beyond reasonable service life
  • Damage from heat or welding
  • Damage from cutting edges or gripping teeth resulting from use on hardened materials
  • Damage from arcing with hot wires
  • Worn PVC grips and handles
  • Abuse caused from incorrect use or application
  • Indieset:
    Individual Tools
    Country of Origin:
    Made in Taiwan
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    34 Reviews Write a Review

    • 5
      Worth it

      Posted by Beau Bieber on Mar 8th 2023

      Costs a little more, but much better than the others. The clamshell design catches everything. Strong magnet.

    • 5
      My favorite tool in my bag

      Posted by Jacob Reyes on Dec 29th 2022

      Hazet 197-3 Magnetic cup 150 mm diameter

    • 5
      Hazet Magnetic Cup

      Posted by Renzo Giovannini on Oct 12th 2022

      Great addition to any tool collection, strong magnet and can hold a lot of hardware.

    • 5
      Hazet mag bowl

      Posted by Ron E on Sep 30th 2022

      Seriously strong magnets the bowl design is superior makes sure nothing slips out. Awesome

    • 4
      Big bowl

      Posted by Tim Eskew on Sep 11th 2022

      It’s big. Not unusably big. I’ve used it twice so far with an assembly which had a lot of small hardware. It helps with the butterfingers as the lip makes grabbing small washers quick. I use the magnet just to store this bowl. I like it. A next level feature would be rotating.

    • 5
      Magnetic Parts Cup

      Posted by Stephen C on Jun 30th 2022

      Helps me to be organized when I'm working on a vehicle. The magnet is solid, and the shape is useful. Love the color as well.

    • 5
      Perfect for disassembly projects

      Posted by Michael on Oct 24th 2021

      The plastic seems quite tough and should last a lifetime. The cup sits comfortably on the bench or magnetically to any appropriate metallic surface. It's great to be able to just drop parts in know that they will not bounce out or get lost. I typically spray them down with a solvent to soak then pull them out to clean then individually. One done, the cup cleans out with a couple of wipes of a shop cloth. Note that it will definitely magnetize your parts, which I fully expected. I have not found that to be an issue. Highly recommended,

    • 5
      Hazet Magnectic cup

      Posted by Ryan M Petersen on Aug 20th 2021

      Great magnet for vertical or horizontal positioning for catching nuts bolts and screws.

    • 5
      Great Design

      Posted by Ausmus Marburger on Jul 8th 2021

      This is a really well made parts tray with a great design. With all the different fasteners, brackets, etc… in modern automobiles, it helps to have a variety of trays and this trays unique shape allows you to place longer pieces in it while also giving you the safety of the deep side of the cup shaped tray incase a small nut or bolt doesn’t stick to the magnet right off the bat. Typical Hazet quality and in Hazet blue which is always welcome in my box!