About Stahlwille Tools

Specializing in hand tools for wind, solar, aerospace, automotive, and general engineering industries, Stahlwille was founded in 1862 by Eduard Wille and manufactures its tools at three locations in Germany. The manufacturing process is completely owned and controlled by the company, and all of their tools are forged and finished in their own foundries in Germany. This complete supply line control ensures that their high standards shape the end product along every step of the process. Some of Stahlwille's specialty products include FastRatch ratchet wrenches, cadmium-free High Performance Quality (HPQ) sockets suitable for use on titanium fasteners, MANOSKOP® and Sensotork® Torque Wrenches, and perfectControl® torque calibration and adjustment units. Many of their products are FOD certified, permitting them to be used in the tightly-regulated aerospace sector.