About Gedore Tools

Gedore Tools is one of the largest tool conglomerates in the world with over 16,000 different tools in their expansive line. The Dowidat brothers, Otto, Karl, and Willi started Gedore in Remscheid, Germany in 1919, and the firm has continued to be family-run to the present day. For decades they have been a leader in the torque technology field, from the award-winning Dremometer aluminum torque wrench to one of the world's first electronic torque wrenches. Known also for having one of the largest tool forges in Europe, Gedore continues to produce the highest quality tools especially for the industrial, agricultural, automotive and energy sectors. Gedore Tools won the Eisen (Innovation Award) in 2012 and 2014 at the Eisenwaren Messe in Cologne for their Dremaster Torque Wrench and the 1990 M Magnetic Extension.