The Seasonal

At KC Tool we have tools of all shapes and sizes. Some are huge! Like this TEN FOOT torque wrench! But for the next three months, our Seasonal Sale focuses on tools that fit in your pocket or on your belt. Some people call these types of tools "Every Day Carry", or EDC for short. Things you never know when you are going to need.

Seven tools that are so light you barely know they are there. A tape measure, knife, and flashlight. A bit ratchet, mini level, and gripping pliers. Not to mention the iconic Knipex Cobras in their latest miniature variation.

But wait! There's more! For the entirety of the sale, when you buy any of these seven tools, you also get a FREE pocket-sized can of Ballistol! It's the ultimate tool oil, but (just like the other tools in this sale) its uses are endless!

So fill your pockets, get out there, and see the world!