Wera Screwdrivers, A Comparison and Review

Posted by Collin on Apr 25th 2023

Wera Tools has long been at the forefront of screwdriver design and quality. They also make a ton of different screwdrivers in a vast array of colors and sizes. It can be mind-boggling! Let’s take a c … read more

EDC, Pocket Dumps and The Knipex Mini Cobras.

Posted by Collin on Apr 20th 2023

­­ As social media continues to grow and grow, so has the world of hashtags. If you have been living in a barn for the past 3 or 4 years, a hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a pound symbol. … read more

Building A Tube Headphone Amp, A Learning Experience

Posted by Chris on Apr 20th 2023

­­ I’m a music junkie – I’ll freely admit it. And I’ll also admit that I’m old school. I love listening on the couch, in a “sweet spot” perfectly situated between the two speakers. When I reached … read more

Penta-What? Pentalobe!

Posted by Collin on Apr 20th 2023

What is a pentalobe screw and why would you need a pentalobe screwdriver? Let’s examine a brief history of this little beast. Firstly, like a Pentagon (shape with five sides) a Pentalobe is a scre … read more