SALE! Justin's Heavy Duty "Basic Needs" Screwdriver Set

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Justin's Heavy Duty "Basic Needs" Screwdriver Set
Wera Kraftform Plus 6 piece screwdriver set with storage rack
Wera 008751 PH #1 x 80mm Kraftform Plus Phillips Screwdriver
Wera 008752 PH #2 x 100mm Kraftform Plus Phillips Screwdriver
Wera 008753 PH #3 x 150mm Kraftform Plus Phillips Screwdriver
Wera 007672 4.5 x 90mm Kraftform Plus Slotted Screwdriver
Wera 007675 7.0 x 125mm Kraftform Plus Slotted Screwdriver
Wera 007676 9.0 x 150mm Kraftform Plus Slotted Screwdriver
Wera 134001 Rack for Kraftform Screwdrivers

This Phillips/Slotted screwdriver set covers both light and heavy duty applications
Each screwdriver features a hex shaft, hex bolster, and Lasertip
The Lasertip gives you the bite to prevent cam out, and the hex bolster allows for addition torque when the job requires.
"Take it easy" tool finder system - with profile and size markings for quick and easy tool selection
All Wera professional hand tools are covered by a lifetime warranty against breakage due to defects in materials or workmanship for the normal life of the product. This policy does not cover products which have been altered in any way, and products which have been subject to abuse, misuse, negligence, or improper storage. Bits, bitholders and L-keys are also not covered under this warranty policy as they are considered consumable. Wera Tools reserves the right to inspect warranty claims before replacements are issued. Return transportation costs are not included, however Wera will send replacement tools at no cost. Any claims for reasons other than those noted here must be approved by Wera Tools Inc., or its authorized representatives.

Return tools for warranty replacement directly to KC Tool. All returns are subject to inspection prior to replacement.
Tool Sets
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Phillips #1
Phillips #2
Phillips #3
Slotted 4.5 mm
Slotted 7 mm
Slotted 9 mm
Multi-Component Material
Anti Cam Out

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  • 5

    Posted by Ryan Guldbrandsen on Feb 19th 2023

    This is probably the best screwdriver set available on KC for the money. It's truly, just your basic needs. Includes the PH#3, that every other set lacks. Even 10-12 piece sets lack it. I really don't understand it! I use that size alot, just for around the house stuff. Door hinges...they are likely a PH3. Anyways, the laser tips do reduce cam out. They even work in some screws that have already been stripped. I do wish they had striking caps. That would have made this set more of an ultimate basic needs set. But, I don't think the ones with striking caps have the laser tips. I'd rather have the tips. They also include the hex bolster. With these, it completes this set for almost anything you can ask for...minus striking caps. So, if you like the Wera handles. This is the set you want, if you're wanting a basic heavy duty set. It's going to last a long time.

  • 5
    Great set of screwdrivers

    Posted by E. Sanborn on Aug 8th 2021

    I love the wrench hex on the shafts and the laser etched tips. The tips really do improve the grip on screws. These are really a class above every screwdriver I have ever owned before.

  • 5
    Excellent set

    Posted by Drew on Feb 24th 2021

    Very high quality screwdrivers. This set covers most of what you will see on a regular basis. Highly recommend.

  • 5
    Jake's Screwdriver Set

    Posted by RJ on Feb 18th 2021

    Not sure who Jake is, but he has good taste in screwdrivers. This set covers all the bases and they are precision German engineered works of art. The handles fit perfectly in your hand and the laser tips are a nice touch as well. Get a set and you'll be thanking Jake too!

  • 5
    My first wera screwdriver set!

    Posted by A R on Dec 30th 2020

    I love this set! This combination of sizes is exactly what I had in mind when I decided to get a set of Weras! Great quality!

  • 5
    Nearly perfect

    Posted by Phil on Dec 20th 2020

    The handles are fantastic, full hex blades, large hex bolster, serrated gripping tips, clear ID tags on top, really just almost everything you could want in a driver. The only reason I'm saying "nearly" perfect is that perhaps these could use a metal striking cap, but it's almost a shame to ask for that given how nice these are otherwise. I mean, who really wants to hammer on their nice drivers? It's great to finally have some nice all-purpose screwdrivers in the shop so I can put the hand-me-down ones in junk drawers or in cars.

  • 5

    Posted by Paul on Oct 7th 2020

    No other drivers compare to the full package that Wera offers in these green handled beauties. They have it all. Comfort. Balance. Durable, yet still light-weight. Screw grip via laser engraved tips. Extra torque, check via the hex shaft and/or bolsters. This set is especially perfect as it includes the Philips #3 that the standard Wera set excludes. Can't wait to pass these along to my kid in 18 years!

  • 5
    These r great!

    Posted by Josh on Sep 10th 2020

    Needed to replace my oldies with a true set. I believe I’m covered now . On to the next project

  • 5
    Screw Driver Set.

    Posted by Christopher Rollings on Aug 31st 2020

    These are some of the best screwdrivers I've ever owned. Great hand feel, superior quality.