Stabila 29148 Type 80A-2 Measuring Level, 48"

Stabila 29148 Type 80A-2 Measuring Level, 48" - KC Tool
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The measuring level is designed for professional remodeling, reconstruction and restoration.

STABILA Type 80 A-2 Measuring Level
Plumb and level with 3 measuring scales on the frame
Level and mark at the same time
The frame is easy to grip, easy to read and easy to clean
The frame has no hand grips and is straight and smooth - no ribs etc
Red rubber pads on both sides of the level engage the wall you are working against and will not slip or make scratches
Straight-edge frame for uninterrupted scribing, scoring and tracing
Six ring vials read level plus 1% and 2% slope
Accuracy guaranteed for life; vials will never fog , leak or require adjustment
Certified accuracy in normal reading positions: 1/32in over 72 inches

Tech. Data:
Measurement accuracy in normal position: +/- 1/32in @ 72in
Measurement accuracy in reverse position: +/- 3/64in @ 72in
Profile: Smooth rectangular profile
End caps: Standard / Wall Grips
Spirit Levels
Warranty Overview for the United States and Canada.
STABILA spirit levels will maintain their stated accuracy for life. The fixed vials on all STABILA levels will not fog, leak, or become inaccurate. If they do, you will be given a new level.
Vials that are melted due to excessive heat (example: welding) are not covered under the warranty policy. Bent or damaged frames void warranty.

Laser and Tech (Electronic) Levels
We will repair, without charge, any defects due to faulty materials or workmanship for two years from the date of purchase. Must have copy of receipt for after sale service.

Accessories: Tape Measures, Tripods, Cases, Grade Rods, Etc.
30 Day Warranty against manufacturer defects from the date of purchase.

Moving Parts, I.E. protractor vials, and the extending portion of Plate and XtL levels are not covered under the lifetime guarantee.
Levels with an extension arm that are used on a daily basis require annual user maintenance. We offer an easy to install "maintenance kit" (part #33000) available through your local Stabila dealer that provides all of the slide bearings, lock parts, a new tension spring, wrenches and instructions to renew your slide assembly in less than five minutes.
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Country of Origin:
Made in Germany
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  • 4
    near perfect for my needs

    Posted by Stephen Husbands on Nov 15th 2021

    I hang art for a living and wanted a level ruled in inches from the center out. There are very few made this way. This tool is top quality, my only negative coments would be that the the otherwise great rubber bumpers that stick it to the wall cause the edge to float 1/16" or more off the wall which can cause inaccuracy relative to marks on a wall; and the numbers on the various rulers printed along it's sides are too fine. A bolder font & larger typeface would make them more legible. Very happy with it though.

  • 4
    Great Light Duty Level

    Posted by Kris Wood on Aug 20th 2021

    I believe these are the only levels in the Stabila lineup that have the bridge across the leveling vial, which is helpful for making a continuous lines and/or measuring. This level feels very light weight compared to other 4ft levels I've used which may require more delicate handling and storage over the long run.

  • 5
    Stabila 48" measuring level

    Posted by Phillip J Allen on Dec 18th 2020

    I love this level. I'm a retired carpenter, and It's great for using around the house.

  • 5
    Very Valuable

    Posted by Reese Turbin on Aug 29th 2018

    I do a lot of picture & mirror hanging. The zero mark at the center makes this an essential tool for hanging anything heavy with two anchors (such as D-rings, or keyholes). I looked around, about the only thing I could find equivalent was some cheap plastic levels (and I have been burned by bad levels). It's an expensive stick. I have 5, two of the long, three of the short [thought a short one was lost, bought a new one, the lost one surfaced]. If I go into a McMansion with a helper for a day of hanging; The helper can take 2 sticks, and go work on his own. It could be better, two sides of the level have no scale at all. So, if I'm on a ladder, and the light is coming from the wrong side, things get annoying. Still, in terms of efficiency and accuracy, I love this thing.