Stabila 29459 Type 80T Extendable Level, 36" - 59"

Stabila 29459 Type 80T Extendable Level, 36" - 59" - KC Tool
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The type 80T extendable level allow its size to be extended to fit the job.

Extend the length of the level - Just pull out to the length needed and lock it firmly into position
As you extend the level, the marking and cutting edge is continuous along entire length - measure and mark with no interruptions
The measuring surface is precision machined
There are printed scales on the level's topside for accurate layout and quick set ups
A manual lock system tightens the entire system up when you are in position. Click and go.
Red rubber feet on the backside of the level properly grip the wall you are working against. The level will not slip or leave scratches.
High-quality extension mechanism delivers precision - in normal position: closed, your accuracy tolerance will not exceed 1/32in over 72 inches
Extended your tolerance will not exceed 1/16in over 72 inches
Equipment: 1 horizontal vial, 1 plumb vial, 1 measuring surface, extendable system, 1 continuous marking and cutting edge, 1 printed metric scale

For carpentry - the extendable level covers most standard dimensions of kitchen cabinets. For fitting windows and doors - work out internal dimensions and align window and door frames. For plumbing installations - install shower trays and baths in a variety of sizes. These are just a few examples of many.

Tech. Data:
Measurement accuracy in normal position: +/- 1/32in @ 72in
Measurement accuracy in reverse position: +/- 3/64in @ 72in
Measurement accuracy in extended normal position: +/- 1/16in @ 60in
Measurement accuracy in extended reverse position: +/- 1/16in @ 60in
Number of measuring surfaces: 2
Profile: Rectangular profile with ribs
End caps: Standard
Spirit Levels
Warranty Overview for the United States and Canada.
STABILA spirit levels will maintain their stated accuracy for life. The fixed vials on all STABILA levels will not fog, leak, or become inaccurate. If they do, you will be given a new level.
Vials that are melted due to excessive heat (example: welding) are not covered under the warranty policy. Bent or damaged frames void warranty.

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30 Day Warranty against manufacturer defects from the date of purchase.

Moving Parts, I.E. protractor vials, and the extending portion of Plate and XtL levels are not covered under the lifetime guarantee.
Levels with an extension arm that are used on a daily basis require annual user maintenance. We offer an easy to install "maintenance kit" (part #33000) available through your local Stabila dealer that provides all of the slide bearings, lock parts, a new tension spring, wrenches and instructions to renew your slide assembly in less than five minutes.
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