Wera 056490 Tool-Check Plus Bit Ratchet Set with Sockets - Metric

Wera 056490 Tool-Check Plus Bit Ratchet Set with Sockets - Metric - KC Tool
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Wera Tool-Check PLUS Bit Ratchet Set with Metric Sockets
8001 A Bit Ratchet, with drop-forged steel design for standard insert bits (1/4" hex)
813 Bit holding screwdriver handle
870/1 Socket adaptor (1/4" hex to 1/4" square)
889/4/1 K Rapidaptor bit holder
851/1 TZ PH Phillips bit: #1 (x2)
851/1 TZ PH Phillips bit: #2 (x3)
851/1 TZ PH Phillips bit: #3
851/1 TH PZ Pozidriv bit: #1
851/1 TH PZ Pozidriv bit: #2 (x3)
851/1 TH PZ Pozidriv bit: #3
867/1 TZ Torx bit: T10
867/1 TZ Torx bit: T15
867/1 TZ Torx bit: T20
867/1 TZ Torx bit: T25
867/1 TZ Torx bit: T30
867/1 TZ Torx bit: T40
867/1 Z BO Security Torx bit: T10s
867/1 Z BO Security Torx bit: T15s
867/1 Z BO Security Torx bit: T20s
867/1 Z BO Security Torx bit: T25s
867/1 Z BO Security Torx bit: T30s
800/1 TZ Slotted bit: 5.5mm
840/1 Z Hex-Plus bit: 3.0mm
840/1 Z Hex-Plus bit: 4.0mm
840/1 Z Hex-Plus bit: 5.0mm
840/1 Z Hex-Plus bit: 6.0mm
840/1 Z Hex-Plus bit: 8.0mm
8790 HMA 1/4" drive socket: 5.5mm
8790 HMA 1/4" drive socket: 6.0mm
8790 HMA 1/4" drive socket: 7.0mm
8790 HMA 1/4" drive socket: 8.0mm
8790 HMA 1/4" drive socket: 10.0mm
8790 HMA 1/4" drive socket: 12.0mm
8790 HMA 1/4" drive socket: 13.0mm
"Things just can't get any better." While we love to hear comments like this, it is exactly this kind of feedback that is a real motivator for the product developers at Wera.

Those who thought that the wonderfully compact Tool-Check with its collection of 28 bits, 7 sockets, 1 socket adaptor, 1 Bit Ratchet and 1 Rapidaptor couldn't be beat are now rubbing their eyes with amazement.

Thanks to the Kraftform handle that has now been integrated as the 39th part, it is immediately possible to create 28 different screwdrivers with the help of the new Tool-Check PLUS, using the handle and bits. And every one of those screwdrivers feature all the advantages that the Kraftform handle has to offer like fast working speeds and the ergonomic handling with high torque transfer.

Weight: 514 g (18.1 oz)
Manufacturer Part #: 05056490001

All Wera professional hand tools are covered by a lifetime warranty against breakage due to defects in materials or workmanship for the normal life of the product. This policy does not cover products which have been altered in any way, and products which have been subject to abuse, misuse, negligence, or improper storage. Bits, bitholders and L-keys are also not covered under this warranty policy as they are considered consumable. Wera Tools reserves the right to inspect warranty claims before replacements are issued. Return transportation costs are not included, however Wera will send replacement tools at no cost. Any claims for reasons other than those noted here must be approved by Wera Tools Inc., or its authorized representatives.

Return tools for warranty replacement directly to KC Tool. All returns are subject to inspection prior to replacement.
Security Torx
Phillips #1
Phillips #2
Phillips #3
Pozidriv #1
Pozidriv #2
Pozidriv #3
Torx T10
Torx T15
Torx T20
Torx T25
Torx T30
Torx T40
Security Torx T10s
Security Torx T15s
Security Torx T20s
Security Torx T25s
Security Torx T30s
Hex Metric 3.0 mm
Hex Metric 4.0 mm
Hex Metric 5.0 mm
Hex Metric 6.0 mm
Hex Metric 8.0 mm
5.5 mm
6.0 mm
7.0 mm
8.0 mm
10 mm
12 mm
13 mm
Tool Sets
Slotted 5.5 mm
1/4 Inch Square Drive
Country of Origin:
Made in Czech Republic

51 Reviews

  • 5
    Great tool kit!

    Posted by Noah on Dec 12th 2019

    Very high quality tool kit. Impressive fit and finish. Best Wera “bang for your buck”

  • 5
    Excellent and compact!

    Posted by Dani DeBone on Nov 14th 2019

    I bought this for one specific job getting into some torx screws on top of an ABS unit mounted to car frame under the body. The ratchet and bits were a perfect fit in that tight confined space. The rest of it was all just frosting on that cake. This is a fabulous little tool kit I just cannot stop handling and playing with! The quality is first rate. I have not seen such a clean compact kit that just felt so good. Definitely a great addition to any emergency, camping, car, bike, travel tool kit.

  • 5
    Great Set

    Posted by Fish on Mar 21st 2019

    Great basic tool kit for around the house or for working on your bike in a well designed case. Would like a redesign on the wrench switch way to hard to shift.

  • 5
    Tool-Check PLUS

    Posted by Rodney K. Smith on Feb 22nd 2019


  • 5
    Nice Set from Wera

    Posted by The Limper on Dec 27th 2018

    I bought this as a gift for someone who was very happy to have it. The organization along with the wide selection of bits contained in a compact storage unit is a big plus. It includes a belt clip and the size allows it to work well in that use case. Only nitpick from my standpoint is how small the ratchet is...it's a bit tiny. Other than that it's great.

  • 5
    Hope it's good.....giving it to a friend

    Posted by Sam on Dec 16th 2018

    I sure hope this lives up to the hype because I purchased it for a friend as a gift. If it's a POS I'm sure I will hear about it but knowing the quality of other Wera tool I own I have no doubts this will be a stellar gift.

  • 5
    In one word: Portability

    Posted by Rodrigo Forrequi on Nov 22nd 2018

    Alwesome quality and finish, as you want from Wera. About the size: small and the pictures don't made justice on show how mini is the ratchet and handler. About the case: cleaver design, hold everthing together without risk to loose something. Dont open by accident. The Bits: I think thats bits is a more personal think. Some people need certains and other not. For my need, I miss the 1.5, 2 and 2.5mm Hex, and just order them to change my kit. I think that will be great if Wera made a system where people can choose the bits they want on that.

  • 5
    A truly awesome portable kit

    Posted by Brandon Goldberg on Jul 3rd 2018

    I carry this kit as part of my daily toolkit. Its much smaller than it appears in the pictures but it does such a great variety of tasks I highly recommend it. Everything is made top quality and well thought out. All tools are retained very well without concern they will fall out in a bag. The sockets are top notch quality too.

  • 5
    Little foot print with a big punch

    Posted by sean Naughton on Jun 28th 2018

    I'm still amazed at how so many quality tools can leave such a small foot print. I had a tough time deciding which tool check plus set to get: imperial vs metric. I finally decided on the metric set. I choose this set because of it's usefulness in assembling items, bike repair, and minor car repair. Great set. Great price!