Perfection with a grip – when function and design are in harmony.

Witte Werkzeuge, more commonly known as Witte is one of the leading manufacturers of assembly tools for screws and nuts. The company has been active since 1785 but the ergonomic design of the handle elements has been a more recent venture in their long tradition of successful developments.

Witte is known as one of the leading manufacturers of screwdrivers and screwdriver bits. Through its continuous innovations and unique approach to both the design and development of the screwdriver -- especially the handle -- Witte has become recognized and appreciated worldwide.

Witte's triangular shaped multi-component screwdriver handles offer many advantages over screwdrivers with traditional square-shaped cellulose acetate handles as Witte's ergonomic designs combine comfort and power seamlessly. Famous Witte product lines include MAXXPRO and PROTOP screwdrivers and the conveniently sized RATCHDRIVE pocket screwdriver.

Witte products are made in Germany and come with a lifetime warranty.