Ball-End Hex Tools: A Guide

Posted by Collin on Apr 20th 2023

Hex Key, Allen Wrench, L-Key, no matter what name you call it, if you have ever assembled anything you have probably used one. You can get them in Metric or SAE and they come in all kinds of sizes, fr … read more

Sharp Pointy Things: Awls, Reamers, and Scribes

Posted by Chris on Apr 20th 2023

­­ Here at KC Tool we have some pretty specialized tools. Just look at the bewildering array of bits, screwdriver styles, and pliers, for example. For something different I thought we’d explore … read more

How To Remove Anti-Theft Ratchet and Socket Tags

Posted by Collin on Apr 20th 2023

­­ If you have ever bought a high-end ratchet or socket, such as a Wera Zyklop, you may have gotten the tool and sat perplexed for hours staring at it, wondering how to get the dang thing out of t … read more

Are all of our tools made in Germany?

Posted by Kyle and Collin on Apr 11th 2023

We specialize in German Tools and besides a couple products we produce ourselves, we only sell German brands of tools. The question of where the tools are made comes up occasionally and can be a sourc … read more