Gedore E-8730 Deburrer bit 1/4" hex

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Gedore E-8730 Deburrer Bit 1/4" Hex (bit only)

A valuable helper for removing burr on a wide range of different materials
The small, free-turning deburring knife adjusts to the contour of the workpiece and removes burr
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Individual Tools
25-38mm (1.0-1.4 inches)
Country of Origin:
Made in Israel
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8 Reviews Write a Review

  • 5
    Best deburer I have used

    Posted by NORIEGA on Aug 27th 2022

    Can be stored and used on my wera screwdriver with multi bits. Just that alone it has served me very good for reaming conduits

  • 5
    Pretty happy with this

    Posted by Ross on Apr 22nd 2022

    Has come in handy to help take off rough spots from new tools.

  • 5
    Gedore E-8730 Deburrer bit 1/4" hex

    Posted by Jay on Feb 28th 2022

    Unique bit. It’s especially suited for electrical and plumbing jobs. I bought it for odd jobs where I need to scrape the edge of anything I cut for a smooth jag finish.

  • 5
    An unusual bit

    Posted by Christopher Fitch on Dec 24th 2019

    It's small but it does work well for it's purpose

  • 4
    Pretty cool

    Posted by steven mottmiller on Aug 30th 2019

    Wish it was a tad long so the chips wouldn’t stick to magnetic bit holders so bad. Works well and appears to be good steel

  • 5
    Great idea made a reality

    Posted by Christopher Bellocq on Jul 25th 2017

    Bought this as a spare for the Gedore Deburrer Handle but will work easily well in any 1/4" bit driving handle or device. Never going to by another kind of hand Deburrer.

  • 5
    Helpful Bit

    Posted by William Brown on May 12th 2017

    I like that this fits my multi bit handle. It serves it purpose well.

  • 5
    Unbelievable Little Tool

    Posted on Apr 3rd 2016

    A must have in the toolbox. I love having multi-functional tools. Since this fits right into any bit holding screwdriver, it's nice to keep around.