Picard 1B Nylon Caps for Riveting Hammer, 300g

Picard 1B Nylon Caps for Riveting Hammer, 300g - KC Tool
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Suitable for all Riveting Hammers DIN 1041
Made of impact-resistant nylon

Weight: 20 g / 0.7 oz
Halder, Inc./Picard will guarantee its hammers and striking tools for the lifetime of the tool. This is not to be confused with a "lifetime guarantee". The guarantee is that if a product should break due to faulty materials or workmanship, it will be replaced, and such determination will be left to the discretion of KC Tool or Halder, Inc./Picard.

Halder/Picard will not warranty items that are deemed misused, abused, or have been worn out through normal use.
This includes:
-Halder replaceable face inserts, as they are made to wear and be replaced. UNLESS the insert cracks or breaks under circumstances other than normal wear.
-Wood handles that break from normal use.
-Worn milling on faces or scratched or dented heads and necks from "mis-hits" or overstrikes.
-"Mushroomed" steel faces.
-Hammers that have been used improperly or left out in the elements.
-Hammer claws that have broken due to prying materials other than nails.
-Hammers that sides have been used as the striking surface.

Halder / Picard products are considered the highest quality found anywhere on the market. We stand behind them 100%. If you feel that this product has failed due to reasons other than normal wear, please reach out to us at KC Tool.
Country of Origin:
Made in Germany
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  • 5
    Good stuff

    Posted on Oct 25th 2022

    Fits my Gedore hammer perfectly. Probably Hazet too. I have other plastic hammers, but this doesn't take up much toolbox space.

  • 5
    nylon cap for the 300 gram piccard hammer

    Posted on May 22nd 2022

    This makes my favorite hammer even more usefull . This cap is perfect for driving in plastic clips and push through trim pieces . When non maring ,careful finesse is needed over brute force . This is just the trick.