Stahlwille 10/8 MOTOR Double Open Ended Wrench Set, Metric, 6 - 22 mm, 8 Pieces

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Stahlwille 10/8 Double Open Ended Metric Wrench Set

DIN 3113 Form A, chrome alloy steel, chrome-plated
Roll-up wallet is made of extremely durable textile with Velcro fastener
Slim construction - perfect for hard-to-reach places
Extremely resilient and durable - stronger than any screw
High-quality, non-slip surface texture - for safe working even with oily hands
Includes 8 Metric wrenches: 6 x 7; 8 x 9; 10 x 11; 12 x 13; 14 x 15; 16 x 17; 18 x 19; 20 x 22 mm
Weight: 745 g (1.64 lbs)
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Stahlwille Tools purchased through KC Tool come with a lifetime warranty against material defects or faulty workmanship except for consumable items such as screwdriver bits and socket adapters. Stahlwille torque products are subject to a separate warranty that has guidelines and regulations on repair labs that have been authorized by Stahlwille to perform service and calibration. The warranty for both torque and non-torque products is void if the tool is tampered with, abused, or used in a manner that is not intended by the manufacturer (i.e. using chrome sockets on an impact gun).

Return tools for warranty replacement directly to KC Tool. All returns are subject to inspection prior to replacement.
Tool Sets
6.0 mm
7.0 mm
8.0 mm
9.0 mm
10 mm
11 mm
12 mm
13 mm
14 mm
15 mm
16 mm
17 mm
18 mm
19 mm
20 mm
22 mm
Chrome-plated Finish
Country of Origin:
Made in Germany
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  • 4
    Light and Well Made

    Posted by Yung Cheng on Nov 13th 2023

    These are extremely light and well made set of wrenches. Tolerances are tight. Plating looks nice. They are comfortable to hold and won't hurt your hands like my Craftsman raised panel after extended use. My only complaint is that due to the concavity in the middle, it's very light, but the smaller wrenches can be bent by hand (which wouldn't be possible with the Craftsman). The roll pouch is great. The light weight and the pouch make these so portable. Highly recommended!

  • 5
    I Get The Hype

    Posted by Matt on Apr 12th 2022

    For me, wrenches have always been hit or miss. I may appreciate some aspect of one brand over another but I have never found "the" wrench. That has changed with these Stahlwille DOE wrenches. The steel is incredibly strong. I've been turning with them at work on giant milling machines and the wrenches look brand new. The open ends have even moved bolts that the box end on my other wrenches struggled with. The wrench heads are slim, so they allow me more access in tight, confined spaces. The I-beam handle makes them incredibly light but also very comfortable in the hand. This set also contains the majority of the metric sizes I'll encounter on the job. The bonus is that the pouch they come in is fantastic. It has mesh inside to hold the wrenches in place and it folds into a rectangle that isn't even an 1.5" thick. I never understood why people rave about Stahlwille wrenches but after purchasing these I totally understand.

  • 5

    Posted by Scott Rehberg on Mar 18th 2021

    The best

  • 5
    Good product

    Posted by Sarah on Dec 31st 2020

    The wrenches are thin and light, but still very sturdy. The case they came in was also well made.

  • 4
    Slim and complete set.

    Posted by Cyril Grosjean on Sep 20th 2020

    Very light and compact set of spanners that covers a good range. No 21mm is included, but there are 2 extra slots in the roll so it's possible to add one more spanner. The finish on these is nice and they are surprisingly light.

  • 5
    Awesome Wrenches

    Posted by Alex on Jan 13th 2020

    This is a great set of wrenches, openings are very precise. The fit and finish are simply amazing. Nice tool roll as well

  • 5
    Quality set!

    Posted by Alex Rios on Jan 6th 2020

    Was a bit curious about this set of wrenches and was looking forward to opening up my package as soon as it was delivered. Great first impressions, quality pouch to store the wrenches and phenomenal once it came to the wrenches themselves. Will definitely be buying more and expanding the collection.

  • 5
    A Really nice wrench set

    Posted by Christopher Fitch on Dec 24th 2019

    This set is just great - I got it on a Tool of the Day special so it was even better. The roll has 2 more pockets but I don't think you could make it a 10/10 but buying extra wrenches. That said, I did pick up a larger one and make it a 10/9 - 21x24mm fits well. Highly recommended set

  • 5
    Stahwille 10/8 wrench set

    Posted by Vincent on Nov 1st 2019

    Wrenches feel great to use. Like works of art. High quality roll-up pouch is impressive.