Wera 004076 Zyklop Speed Ratchet 1/2" Drive Metric Set

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Wera Zyklop Metal 8100 SC 6 1/2-Inch Drive Metric Ratchet Set, 28 Piece
1/2" Drive Zyklop Speed Ratchet
840/2 Z Hex Bit: 5.0 x 30mm
840/2 Z Hex Bit: 6.0 x 30mm
840/2 Z Hex Bit: 8.0 x 30mm
840/2 Z Hex Bit: 10.0 x 30mm
851/2 Z PH Phillips Bit: #2 x 32mm
851/2 Z PH Phillips Bit: #3 x 32mm
855/2 Z PZ Pozi Bit: #2 x 32mm
855/2 Z PZ Pozi Bit: #3 x 32mm
867/2 Z TORX Bit: T20 x 35mm
867/2 Z TORX Bit: T25 x 35mm
867/2 Z TORX Bit: T30 x 35mm
867/2 Z TORX Bit: T40 x 35mm
867/2 Z TORX Bit: T45 x 35mm
867/2 Z TORX Bit: T50 x 35mm
1/2" Drive Zyklop 5/16" Bit adaptor
1/2" Socket: 10.0 x 37mm
1/2" Socket: 11.0 x 37mm
1/2" Socket: 12.0 x 37mm
1/2" Socket: 13.0 x 37mm
1/2" Socket: 14.0 x 37mm
1/2" Socket: 15.0 x 37mm
1/2" Socket: 16.0 x 37mm
1/2" Socket: 17.0 x 37mm
1/2" Socket: 18.0 x 37mm
1/2" Socket: 19.0 x 37mm
1/2" Drive Wobble Extension: 52.0mm
1/2" Drive Extension: 250mm (10")
Portable Textile Case
The new Wera Zyklop ratchet combines 5 ratchet types into 1 robust tool
Swivel head has defining lock points at 0, 15 and 90 degrees left and right, preventing the head from slipping, for reliable and safe working
Combination of freewheeling sleeve and rotating mass design turns nut or screw with unbelievable speed at 0 degree position
Add adaptor and bit and ratchet can be used as conventional screwdriver
Features easily accessible thumbwheel that reverses direction in any position
Sockets feature distinctive knurling for easy manual tightening
Premium extensions are fitted with Wera's flexible lock system preventing slipping or accidental disconnection and loss of tool

Kraftform multi-component handle, with hard and soft zones, fits the shape to the hand for the ultimate in comfort and high-speed torque transfer

Set comes in a portable textile case

Manufacturer Part #: 05004076001

Empty pouch for this item is available here.
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Hex Metric 5.0 mm
Hex Metric 6.0 mm
Hex Metric 8.0 mm
Hex Metric 10 mm
Phillips #2
Phillips #3
Torx T20
Torx T25
Torx T27
Torx T30
Torx T40
Torx T45
Torx T50
Torx T55
Tool Sets
1/2 Inch Square Drive
10 mm
11 mm
12 mm
13 mm
14 mm
15 mm
16 mm
17 mm
18 mm
19 mm
Country of Origin:
Made in Czech Republic
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  • 4
    A Really Solid Choice

    Posted by Matt on Aug 28th 2021

    Pros: Fit and finish on the sockets, ratchet, extensions, and bits are outstanding. The ratchet's locking mechanism works perfectly as does the quick-release button. All sockets have ball detents to help hold the socket to the ratchet anvil. Better still, they do not have much slop once attached to the ratchet. The sleeve that allows for the speed when using this ratchet as a driver is one of the coolest innovations I've seen. It's so simple that I cannot believe other manufacturers are not doing something similar. The ratchet is also a tad shorter than most 1/2" drive swivel ratchets, which makes it easier for me to use. The case really keeps things compact so I do not lose much space inside my toolbox. Cons: I'm not a huge fan of the sizes on the bits and sockets being laser engraved. The markings do not seem particularly well printed, so I'm nervous that they may wear off more quickly. You have to unlock the bit holder before inserting the bits, which is not the end of the world, but seems kinda old-school when all the other brands allow for quick insertion. While I appreciate the smaller overall size of the ratchet, I wish the handle was longer. My hand hangs over the bottom of the ratchet by a solid two fingers so it gets uncomfortable. The sockets have a lot of bulk on the body and the knurling is just ok. It isn't really deep enough or thick enough to make a difference when my hands are oily and greasy. Overall, I give this Wera ratchet and socket set 4 stars. It's definitely a high-quality, space-efficient set. I love the packaging, the speed handle, and the inclusiveness of the sockets and bits. On the other hand, I'm not sold on Wera's color system or their laser engraving and the heft and bulk of the sockets and extensions caught me off guard.

  • 5
    Good heavy duty tool

    Posted by Joseph Rossi on Jun 15th 2018

    I work on semi trucks & fork lifts. For removing and installing cap screws that require high torque this tool kit is ideal. The sockets don’t slip when using them with oily hands. All of the tools are really well made. The half inch drive bit holder is great for removing large Torx head screws. The idea of wrapping the ratchet and extensions with plastic for holding them while turning is unique. The ratchets rubber grip is comfortable on the hands. Look forward to see what else Wera comes up with.