Wera 022210 Multicolour Metric L-key Set with Holding Function

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950 SPKL/9 SM HF Multicolour L-key set, metric, BlackLaser, with holding function
1.5 x 90mm*
2.0 x 101mm*
2.5 x 112*
3.0 x 123mm
4.0 x 137mm
5.0 x 154mm
6.0 x 172mm
8.0 x 195mm
10.0 x 224mm
* = Sizes 1.5, 2.0, and 2.5 do not include the Holding Function

High quality L-key set with color coded, convenient plastic sleeve. This ensures that the tool is quickly to hand and the ergonomic and pleasant handle is easy on the hands even at low temperatures. The wear-resistant clip material ensures secure storage of the L-keys as well as simple removal. The Hex-Plus profile offers a greater contact surface in the head of the screw. The notching effect is therefore reduced to a minimum and damage to the screw head more or less eliminated.
The ballpoint on the long arm allows dependable working even in difficult installation situations.
The holding function holds screws securely on the tool.
The BlackLaser surface treatment provides outstanding surface protection, even against corrosion, and a long service life. Laser-engraved and thereby wear-resistant size markings on the L-keys for rapid accessing.

Manufacturer Part Number: 05022210001

All Wera professional hand tools are covered by a lifetime warranty against breakage due to defects in materials or workmanship for the normal life of the product. This policy does not cover products which have been altered in any way, and products which have been subject to abuse, misuse, negligence, or improper storage. Bits, bitholders and L-keys are also not covered under this warranty policy as they are considered consumable. Wera Tools reserves the right to inspect warranty claims before replacements are issued. Return transportation costs are not included, however Wera will send replacement tools at no cost. Any claims for reasons other than those noted here must be approved by Wera Tools Inc. All returns are subject to inspection prior to replacement.

All Wera tools must be sent to Wera for warranty claims. Use the following link to start this process.
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Black Finish
Country of Origin:
Made in Czech Republic
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  • 5
    The best of the best

    Posted by Tony on Nov 8th 2022

    These are great for the stainless button head & socket head screws at work. The holding function sure makes life easier.

  • 5

    Posted by hamze fawaz on Feb 6th 2021

    I have been using WERA L-KEY for a long time, and I own a large collection that doesn't disappoint you every time you need it, but this set Very is highest quality and great design compared to the normal set and The colored sleeves allow you to find the size quickly, thanks for this great design.

  • 5
    Wera Multicolour Metric L-Key Set

    Posted by Mike L on Jan 22nd 2021

    These are quality. I love the holder too. Wish they made the same holder in the SAE set.

  • 5
    Great set

    Posted by German G on Oct 7th 2020

    Probrably the best Set of L keys I’ve used. The holding function works great especially when taking bolts out of counter bored holes. They’re also a little longer than other L keys so you can get a little more leverage on them. The color coating also makes them easy to spot among drills and punches. Overall a great product.

  • 5
    The perfect L-Key does exist.

    Posted by Daniel Torres on Aug 28th 2020

    The L-Key set I own. Perfect for all bike adjustments. The color coded handles make it easy to identify and find the right key every time. The hold feature is invaluable when working in tight spaces. I recommend them to everyone I know.

  • 3
    Decent but not worth all the hype

    Posted by Michael Kubancsek on Dec 5th 2019

    I had seen these very hyped up by other pro bicycle mechs as "the best," so I had to try them. Don't get me wrong, they're good bits and everything, but I'm not overly impressed. The sleeves are very thick and I would prefer the short-end bits be cut longer for the ability to go deeper on fittings. The ball end "holding" feature doesn't impress me either.

  • 4
    Really good set of hex keys

    Posted by Jeremy Chris on Apr 29th 2019

    Really really nice set of hex keys The Hex plus system is amazing. Although I feel the material used is kinda soft and they aren't meant for extreme abuse.

  • 5
    Best L-key set I have used

    Posted on Jun 8th 2018

    Best L-key set I have used. I like the extra length on the larger sizes.

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Chris Synon on May 3rd 2018

    I have always used inexpensive hex keys in the past, I am amazed at how much nicer these are to work with. Well worth the price. Also, the holding function is so useful!