Wera 073280 Joker Combination Wrench - 5/16"

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Wera Joker Combination Wrench - 5/16"

If you need a wrench, use the Joker!
The Joker performs fastening jobs in almost every conceivable situation, quickly and with great precision. The ratcheting feature at the ring end boasts an exceptional, fine-tooth mechanism (80 teeth!) which provides greater flexibility, even in very confined working spaces. The specially forged geometry, in combination with high-performance chrome-molybdenum steel and nickel-chrome coating, means that you win three times over: longer service life, high resistance to wear and great protection against corrosion

Fastener Holding Function
The Joker's holding function means that nuts and bolts can be held in the jaw and easily positioned where they are needed. Fastening onto the thread can then be done quickly and safely, thanks to the innovative special stop-plate which holds the fastener.

Secure Grip on Fasteners
Constant re-positioning of the wrench? Difficulty holding fasteners in confined spaces? Easing off to avoid any risks of injury or fastener damage? That was yesterday. Today, the Joker prevents slipping off of the fastener head with its integrated limit-stop - no longer is the thumb needed to act as a depth stop.

Safer due to anti-slip effect.
The Joker's clever double-hex geometry delivers a very positive connection with nuts or bolts - it's a perfect fit. And the exchangeable, hardened metal gripping plate in the Joker's mouth literally bites itself into the bolt with its extremely hard tips. Both features combine to prevent any unpleasant slipping, even at higher torque.

Very small return angle
Less can be more. Particularly in those very confined spaces where conventional wrenches with a 60 degree return angle literally have to be turned over and over, to tighten and loosen nuts or bolts. Instead of 60 degrees, the Joker only has a 30 degree return angle thanks to its unique double-hex design.

Manufacturer Part #: 05073280001
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5/16 Inch
Individual Tools
Country of Origin:
Made in Czech Republic
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  • 3

    Posted by Mark on Dec 7th 2023

    got this in 5/16 since its a common size for me , and to see if joker wrenches live up to the hype. idk, i wouldn't buy a set. the upen end fits kind of loose and it doesn't make a lot of sense why its like a 12point inside the open end since the sides will always hold the bolt head so one point is in the middle anyway , right? the ratchet side is mint. figured id try it since wera is a awesome company, thanks

  • 5

    Posted by NF on Apr 13th 2020

    Last wrench needed to round out my Joker set. Tried it on my grill already. Love the nut holding feature.

  • 5
    Wera Joker Combination Wrench -

    Posted on Dec 15th 2014

    Nice wrench, have yet to try it but it's lighter than expected. Very fine/smooth ratchet operation. The center section appears more decorative than functional until you try to position the wrench with your fingertips, then you find you have better control of the wrench.

  • 5
    Wera Joker Combination Wrench - 5/16"

    Posted by Tom on Mar 27th 2014

    The Joker wrenches are all well designed. Very versatile open end.

  • 4
    The whole series is nice .

    Posted by Hans K. on Aug 23rd 2013

    I bought this to fill out a set , some retailers won't sell single wrenches . They are tight on some nuts , so rust or galvanizing - may be too thick to fit . Aircraft and auto / motorcycle type machines should be fine . The ratcheting end is a bit thicker on the outer radius so super tight areas may not work . Good feel in the hand with a nice finish .