Wera 133862 KOLOSS Ratchet Set - 1/2" Drive

Wera 133862 KOLOSS Ratchet Set - 1/2" Drive - KC Tool
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Wera 8002 C Koloss 1/2 inch Square Drive Ratchet with Hammer

Typical applications include: mechanical engineering; ship building; mining; aircraft construction; petroleum industry; industrial plant construction; scaffolding; high rack systems; road building; bridge construction; railway construction and maintenance; commercial vehicle construction and maintenance. Multi-component kraftform handle for optimum pressure, impact, and tensile loads. The extension can be used for better leverage. The tubular shaft minimises impact vibrations. The holster helps to keep tools organised. Ratchet function for 1/2 inch square sockets and 1/2 inch adaptors with square drive ball lock. Hammer function to align workpieces. Design features: Push-through square drive for forward and reverse operation; fine-tooth ratchet mechanism; small return angle of only 6 degrees; can transfer at least 600 N.m of torque; dropforged hammer head pinned to shaft in form-fit joint; dry-fined striking face. Handle end contains adaptor for included Koloss extension 8780 C (341mm). Also includes 8782 C Pad (50mm x 50mm), and holster.

No need to carry two different tools; the tool is unbreakable and is a long-term investment

Sockets and accessories are easily attached; the square drive gives way to impacts and cannot be damaged when the ratchet is used as a hammer; permanently locked; hardened square drive

Completely safe; a removable retaining ring makes the ratchet mechanism easy to clean or grease

The push-through square drive; including the tooth system; is far more robust than a forward/reverse switch

The drop-forged hammer head is pinned to the shaft in a form-fit joint

Manufacturer Part #: 05133862001

All Wera professional hand tools are covered by a lifetime warranty against breakage due to defects in materials or workmanship for the normal life of the product. This policy does not cover products which have been altered in any way, and products which have been subject to abuse, misuse, negligence, or improper storage. Bits, bitholders and L-keys are also not covered under this warranty policy as they are considered consumable. Wera Tools reserves the right to inspect warranty claims before replacements are issued. Return transportation costs are not included, however Wera will send replacement tools at no cost. Any claims for reasons other than those noted here must be approved by Wera Tools Inc., or its authorized representatives.

Return tools for warranty replacement directly to KC Tool. All returns are subject to inspection prior to replacement.
Multi-Component Material
Tool Sets
300-349mm (12.0-13.9 inches)
1/2 Inch Square Drive
Country of Origin:
Made in Czech Republic
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  • 5
    Made for stubborn bolts

    Posted on Apr 28th 2021

    Perfect tool for stubborn suspension bolts that need a breaker bar to get loose, and then need to be hammered out. Most of the big breaker bars I typically use are not ratcheting, so having the 6deg return angle on something with this long of a handle is awesome for tight spaces. And the hammer head of this is a bit lower profile than the mallets I keep around, so no need to be using a hammer sideways to buy yourself enough room anymore. Well made like any Wera tool, and well worth the price. Only downside is needing a pin to pop the extension handle off, but there's always something around that works for that.

  • 5
    wera 1/2 rachet

    Posted on Apr 16th 2021

    this tool is quality. i have been wanting one for some time. it has no issues taking off lug nut with the added length of the extension handle. i would purchase again. also this is not my first purchase with KC tool. They have always been great to buy from.

  • 5
    Great to use as a breaker bar!!!

    Posted on Feb 22nd 2021

    This tool is built very well and is extremely strong. I had no problem using this as a breaker bar to change a tire. No flex. It just worked!!!

  • 5
    A man’s best friend

    Posted on Aug 31st 2020

    It’s a nearly 3 foot 1/2 drive ratchet that you can use as a hammer. It’ll loosen anything you need. Well worth the 100 bucks!

  • 5
    You'll feel like Thor...

    Posted on Aug 27th 2020

    You might think this looks beefy from the pictures, but they don't do this monster justice. Right off the bat I snapped the extension handle on and took a gamble on trying to break my trucks lugs with it. Turns out it wasnt a gamble because it handled that load with ease. Feels great in the hand and generates a surprising amount of force from the hammer faces given its weight. Not something I'll use everyday, but will make my life way easier when I do

  • 5
    A ratchet that can strike

    Posted on May 2nd 2020

    1/2 drive sockets and hardware lead to higher torque values requiring more force. That means sometimes a simple push will not suffice. We’ve all done it, used a 1/2 inch ratchet to tap something over just a little. Then looked to see if we cracked the head of the ratchet or left a permanent scare. Why not buy a ratchet that says “Yes swing away and if finishes matter we make a soft plastic cover to protect the thing you’re working on.” Spend a little more and you get an extension for more torque or a removable pin to help line things up. It’s great, two tools in one with good weight and one way gearing to handle the force multiplier of an added extension. What did Dr Seuss say...”now my troubles are going to have troubles with me!”

  • 5
    Koloss hammer that ratchets

    Posted on Mar 5th 2020

    As an elevator guy I spend a lot of time on ladders and in tight spaces so bieng able to take a single tool with me rather than three(ratchet, spud and hammer) is priceless. The push through drive seems like it would be a pain but in practice it isn't that bad and a small price to pay for the options you have in this tool. It is heavy but what do you expect from a ratchet that can take the beatings that you put on your boring ratchet anyway.

  • 5
    Fantastic Tool

    Posted on Oct 6th 2019

    Odds are, if I need to break out a half inch drive ratchet, I probably also need a hammer. This meets both of those needs in one tool. It also functions very well as a breaker bar with the extension.

  • 5
    Works like a champ

    Posted on Feb 21st 2019

    I could rant and rave about the quality of this wrench. THe most important factors: Fit and finish are top notch. It hammers the crap out of things without ever feeling loose or sloppy It takes "at least 600Nm" without throwing a fit. And the handle has a remarkably good fit and locking action. To test the "At least 600 Nm" claim, I threw on the extension and wrenched on a 1"-8 bolt. The length is 24", the fulcrum length is 22". With my full weight on the fulcrum, it was effectively 480 lb*ft, well over 600Nm. Nothing bent, the extension did not get loose, and it continued to ratchet like nothing ever happened.